Providing Quality Health Centres

Our goal is to participate in providing adequate, quality and primary health care especially to the poor and marginalized members of communities who are unable to afford quality medical care. We are also passionate about rural communities that have to travel a long distance in order to gain access to basic medical facilities and maternity services.
Our financial support for health challenges focuses the majority of its effort on aid for major surgeries in emergency health crisis.
Some of our strategies for health intervention are integrated in our educational support initiatives where we give grants to individuals carrying out research in the eradication of diseases.

This is with focus on diseases that a prevalent within the African continent.
Our goal is to promote the availability of adequate and quality health care in all parts of Africa and eventually the world.

We hope to achieve our goals in Healthcare intervention by

  • Providing grants to indigenous organizations and individuals focused in specific areas of disease research.
  • Providing financial support to individuals who suffer from particular illnesses.
  • Supporting organizations that provide health care services especially in rural communities
  • Supporting health campaigns and enlightenment programs
  • Providing health care infrastructure and equipment especially in rural areas

Providing financial aid and grants to organizations and facilities that give free medical aid.