Grant for Research and Development

Providing research grants for Research & Development and Production and Productivity Enhancement.

Setting up models and templates for Agriculture

Food Production is critical to life sustainability. Our farm settlement is currently focused on creating employment, agricultural products and pioneering research opportunities. Nearly 1.2 billion people worldwide are affected by severe hunger and poverty. Many are farmers who rely on small plots of land (about one to two acres) for their food and income. Our

Providing Quality Health Centres

Our goal is to participate in providing adequate, quality and primary health care especially to the poor and marginalized members of communities who are unable to afford quality medical care. We are also passionate about rural communities that have to travel a long distance in order to gain access to basic medical facilities and maternity

Providing Education

Our work in Educational support focuses on creating platforms to improve the quality of education in Africa and increase access to quality education by school age child marginalized by poverty. As a foundation, we focus the bulk of our efforts on interventions educational support for individuals and schools because we strongly believe that education is