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In your quest to achieving astounding success in every aspect of your
life, there are certain key decisions you MUST make and work
diligently at.
Also you must note that discipline is a must work with in other to
achieve the results of the decisions I’m about to outline.
I must tell you at this point also that,people around you may not
understand,and as a matter of fact,they will try to discourage you or
frustrate you.
ALL you need do is to BE FOCUSED!

DECISION 1. Who and What qualifies for the best of your time?

– Time is the only nature’s gift for creating and achieving success.
-You must develop the ability to say NO without feeling guilty; it
will save you from a thousand troubles.
-Beat procrastination and the tendency to do things at the last minute
-Never waste your time on frivolities, idle and/or unproductive
exercises like watching television,gossiping,playing draught,parties

DECISION 2. What problems or task will you assign to others to solve for you?

-You must learn to use others to solve certain task,because no one is
an island of knowledge.
-You must train yourself on ability to work for longer hours and alone
-Don’t attempt to do everything on your own,learn to ask others for help.

DECISION 3. What does Personal Success mean to you?

-You must know that everyone,especially you,has the capacity to
succeed without limits.
-You alone can be the light of the world if you do the right thing at
the right time.
-You have the natural abilities and potentials to EXCEED the success
of any member(s) of your family,including your parents.

-DECISION 4. What weakness are you willing to overcome?

-Everyone has one weakness or the other,its not you alone.
-Identity your own limiting weakness and find a way to convert it to
your success strength.
-Associate only with people that can help you overcome any of your weakness.

DECISION 5. Who are you willing to ignore or avoid?

The place of separation is necessary on your road to success. “the
company you keep determines what accompanies you”. DAVID ABIOYE

-There are people around you that you must avoid,they head water and
you bare fire,you must avoid them so that they won’t quench your fire.
-ignore or avoid people who diminishes your selfworth,people who adds
no value to your wishes,dream or goal.

DECISION 6. Whose Mentorship are you willing to pursue?
-I believe to see far you must be ready to sit on the shoulder of
those who have gone far ahead of you in the journey of success in that
chosen field of yours
-There is always a place to buy that which you have desired to become
a success in your field, go them that sell it and buy for yourself.

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