Mr. Bode Netufo


Olabode is a native of Igbobini in Ilaje Ese-odo Local Government Area of Ondo State. He was born to the family of late Pa F. O. Netufo, a retired Police Officer, and Madam C. A. Netufo. He was raised in the Methodist faith, which explains his love for Christ today. A stickler for perfection, beauty and excellence and an accomplished multinational businessman, he has carved a niche for himself in business in construction, interior decoration, oil and gas, and import/export. His love and passion for construction was given further boost during his sojourn in the United Kingdom in the 80s where he worked with thoroughbred professionals in the industry. On his return to the country in the 90s, he established the Netufo Group of Companies comprising the following: Nettop Global Investment Nigeria Ltd Nettop Interior Nigeria Ltd Nettop Construction Nigeria Ltd Nettop Oil and Gas Nigeria Ltd Nettop Export and Import Nigeria Ltd Olabode’s love for the construction industry knows no bounds. This explains why one of his subsidiaries was set up as a one-stop shop for both the construction and interior decoration needs of his clients. He is so very passionate about meeting their needs that he has this to say: “I derive so much pleasure and satisfaction from meeting the needs of my clients of all races and colours and their satisfaction with what we do for them is my fulfillment.” He is a fulfilled family man having been happily married to his best friend, Temitope Netufo, a lawyer, and the Managing Director of Nettop Interior Nigeria Ltd—one of the subsidiaries of Nettop Group of Companies. The union is blessed with two beautiful children Olabode is one man has who tremendously impacted the lives of many, both young and old, who have crossed his path in life. And one man who never forgets that he owes everything to the grace and mercy of God.